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Everything You Missed In Taylor Swift's 'You Need To Calm Down' Video

Taylor Swift has released a playful music video for “You Need To Calm Down”, the second single off her upcoming seventh album “Lover”. The video features countless celebrity cameos and celebrates the LGBTQ community. From the cast of “Queer Eye” to iconic drag queens from “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”, we point out every single star Taylor included in her video.

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We break down all the hidden meanings and Easter eggs you might have missed. From possibly shading President Donald Trump, to foreshadowing Taylor’s long-awaited reconciliation with famous frenemy Katy Perry, “You Need To Calm Down” is full of subtle references.

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We explain why Taylor includes a nod to everyone from Beyoncé to Ariana Grande, and also point out where Taylor’s latest Instagram clues appear in the video.

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The song and video celebrates unity and individuality, with Taylor showing solidarity with her fellow female musicians as well as the LGBTQ community as a whole. “You Need To Calm Down” is Swift’s first musical effort at politics, and it likely won’t be her last.

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Everything You Missed In Taylor Swift’s ‘You Need To Calm Down’ Video


Sidhika Singh says:

At 4:08 we can see 6 cups from which there are 5 cups of dark colour and 1 of light colour . (Again 5 )

Nikko Lagura says:

I knew that

Itz_Agnes. Wst says:

Who think or like Taylor is finally friend with Katy?
Like if u want or think they are friends🤷🏼‍♀️😂

C B says:

I know thirteen is just Taylor's favorite number, but it will ALWAYS trigger me, being the title of the episode of Lexa's death 😥. I'm sure that was not an intended reference, but it's still relevant to lgbtq and representation.

sign ature says:

Ok now, do we think that drugs are bad?
Should we hate people who drug themselves?
– NO
What should we do then?

Same for gays.
They can say all they want, but homosexuality IS sinful and unnatural. That's why we should help them, not hate them. Just as we would help a sick person, because in my opinion – homosexuality is a spiritual sickness.

That's what I think, and I believe I'm free to express my personal opinion without being hated from the ones that disagree.

Kyla and Frenchie says:

P h y s i c s

Jesse-jens Mulder says:

The overall appearanceof Ryan Reynolds is an Easter egg, the fact that he is painting is a reference to Deadpool (which Ryan played). The painting is coming from the trailer of Deadpool where Deadpool was bob ross for some reason.

V M says:

every men is gay here xd

ridhi garg says:

The real ones know… the real story behind fences😂

Vivianne Mellon says:

Taylor and Katy are both wearing Katy’s shoes at the end scene

black ops troll says:

4:40 you didn't mention the 13 stars on her jacket.

Ultra Vil says:

Burger🍔 + French Fries🍟 = BFF💞

boredchika says:

You mentioned that she was wearing a 13 necklace but you missed the fact that there are also 13 visible stars on the jacket, including the sherriff's badge.

Beca Mosley says:

Omg who would take all this time just to do all of this

Nancy Estrelloso says:

why does she like 13 so much i mean even obsessed with it

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