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Taylor Swift’s You Need to Calm Down Music Video: All the Celebrity Cameos!

Swift released the music video for her new single, and it’s full of A-list stars, including Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Reynolds, Laverne Cox, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and more.

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Becs M says:

Its not good its classist, prejudice against religious groups and an ignorant representation of chritians by painting them with the same brush it is an immensly divisive video but then again so was Bad Blood, Better Than Revenge, Look What You Made Me Do yep full of equality and unity, NOT. lol.

Amanda Vasquez says:

This video is so pathetic

QT1017 says:

more like "lets break it down"

Molina Long says:

Who not in you need to calm down
Anne Hathaway
Zoe Saldana
Megan trainor
Julia Roberts
Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber
Gigi Hadid
Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Miley Cyrus
Ariana grande
Shawn Mendes
Charlie Puth
Dua lipa
Rita Ora
Kim karadsian
Eva longoria
Jack Nicholson
And Mores

Molina Long says:

Who cameos in bad blood
Selena Gomez
Haley Williams

Molina Long says:

Who cameos in third song in new Taylor Swift album

Molina Long says:

Who cameos in Me!

bossyjossy14 says:

how is everyone seeing adam lambert and im the only 1 seeing jack black 😛

Tae_Tae-Saranghae says:

I was to focused on Ellen and didn't even notice the burger was Katy TF????????

Darin Neville says:

Taylor Swift's new video need to calm down is about Katy Perry sending messages. all the call signs are there all of the rainbow colors Katy Perry always works with in her career Taylor Swift dressed up by Katy Perry walking around with a black gay guy is a message being sent Katy Perry is with that gay Orlando Bloom who treats her like he's a gay black man. I know because I was texting Katy Perry right before my trailer burned down in Paradise that is in the video too I just sorry I called Katy so early in the morning and, come at her like I do but it's not my fault I will be okay I'm just worried about Katy Perry running around with Orlando Bloom who treats women like he's gay and hates them. he truly shows his Dark Side to Katy Perry that's why I believe Taylor Swift is dressed up like Katy Perry running around with a gay black guy and the paradise or should I say all of the red dice on the table as if they were is burning down tells you my trailer burned down in Paradise my new trailer is a round a fenced-in yard back in Paradise Katy Perry is sending messages through Taylor Swift new video subliminal messages that's why Katy Perry's in Taylor Swift's new video and the feud is over I guess Orlando Bloom should not be having Katy Perry run around in orange jumpsuits like she is his prisoner but it did bring Taylor Swift and Katy Perry back together and the new video that Katy and Taylor are in together sends messages about what's really going on and it's far more of a beef then what Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had. that's why that's why Taylor Swift in the French fry costume and Katy Perry's in the hamburger costume because Taylor Swift helping her fry the cat Katy Perry has a beef with. if you truly look at the video you need to calm down is Katy Perry sending me messages so I will quit screaming and hollering about the things I see I do not like and one of the things I screamed and hollered at Katy about on the text is her feuding with Taylor Swift I told Katy Perry she better make up Taylor Swift would be doing the right thing. and to get rid of that man that abuses her like she's a Slave or should I say prisoner in a orange jumpsuit that's right Orlando Bloom is abusing Katy Perry and no one has any idea about what's going on about that. that is why Taylor Swift is dressed up like Katie Perry is running around with a gay black guy in the video. because Orlando Bloom is treating Katy Perry like he's prejudiced against women and like she's a prisoner. and I know because she tells me and that's why I need to calm down I shouldn't be sad I should be glad knowing Katy Perry loves me we just need to get Orlando Bloom to quit treating Katy Perry like he's prejudiced against white people just like the video makes it look like there's prejudice against gay people and if you ask me I think the media and all know it and they're all letting Orlando Bloom do what he's doing to Katy and the other pop stars apparently might be standing with him like one big gay community and the only Outsider is Taylor Swift that's willing to care and show love for Katy Perry that's how their Feud got over when Taylor Swift found out what was happening to Katy Perry Katy Perry and Taylor Swift came together and wrote a song and made a video to send the messages of what's going on and if you're on the right page it's clear to be seen

Mia Quiroz says:

Does no one care about our savior Hayley Kiyoko ??

Vincent Gurus says:

Where is Ezra Miller!!

Rosemary Oneill says:


tinkerbellmae says:

She 4 equity but the disability community can't get married without being penalized we lose our medical and everythng if we get married please subport marriage equal no matter what

Roses Are Blue says:

Biggest celebrity cameo you all missed:

Taylor Swift

Bum Quinn says:

This MTV is one of the best!

mak haddon says:

I came for Ryan!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Alaska Edits says:

I feel like this is kind of a remake of earth by lil dicky

Bryx Gabinight says:

Miley cyrus was also there

Juzz Ztop says:

1 billion famous people in it? What you smoking?

Leonardo Putra says:

hello random person scrolling through the comments

Elaine Goodloe says:

You missed all of the people in the lawn chairs getting a tan.

Comma Kazi says:

If you watch this interview on Ellen they shot Ellens scene there that day. The tattoo is still on Ellen’s arm in this interview. You can see it when she hands Taylor the kitten with Ellen’s face on it

Dom Sheppard says:

That Rainbow belongs to God in case you didn't know. Peep Genesis 9:11-16

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