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Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down – REACTION VIDEO!

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Oh snap! You're watching Rich TVX News Network! The source of raw, breaking news.


kelvin gamer says:

It looks very different to you and Ariana there not copying you

GachaKitty Friends says:

I hope you aren't serious… What the hell Maranda… This just made me so f*cking mad. You didn't even get the reasoning behind the song. She's trying to tell people to be themselves even if they're LGBTQ. You must have missed a few lines like "Cause shade never made anybody less gay" and "Why you mad? When you could be GLAAD." I'm sure you didn't know this but GLAAD stands for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and it was formed by the LGBT people in the media. The reason this makes me so mad is because I'm bisexual. I don't dislike you Maranda. I despise you… This video shouldn't be on here… It's a big f*cking no no.

GachaKitty Friends says:

3:48 That's not Taylor. It's a drag queen made up to look like her.

MegaPikachuFan says:

This is so cringy

DianeZ_A_Luna Enyi says:

I'm deceased 😂😂😂


Is I'm the only one who thinks that her voice is annoying Miranda sings voice

LevixxGachaxxMaker says:

Haha I laugh so hard!

juju bug lilly says:

God tt you been copying

DailyCake says:

3:26 that one moment when you see that sign saying GET A BFAIN MORANS! And then her face is all happy?

DailyCake says:

I eat pasghetios and you didn’t yell at me

Animal lover162 says:

You are a disgusting pig.

Stacy Kariuki says:

Of all the wannabe comedians you'd hear about… This one's just on another level of low and immature…

😂. girl, you have such a huge audience and all you know is throwing shade? You need to calm down 😄… And grow up… Spread love instead


Okay listen….

This video is mostly for gays and others….
So you can’t have these SEXY men

The Abi Grace Show says:

You should Collab with Antonio Garza

Dena Finkelstein says:



Penelope Allen says:

Did she just call hannah hart cute? 2:37

Frida Skog says:

I'm gay and angry

Asha Yancy says:

Lol 😂 yassss Queen I ♥️ u

Giorgi Goginashvili says:

Is that Disneyland?!

Doodle Rat says:

Pause at 1:07

Finn Ralph says:

I’m going to your show with my cousin and my mom!!!!! Love you, and I’m getting VIP

Jessica Chandler says:

Maranda I’m sry but no that’s Ryan Raynolds

Star 9055 says:

Happy pride month y'all

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