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Jimmy Parodies "You Need to Calm Down" as Beto, Bernie and Trump (Live)

Jimmy parodies Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” as Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump live.

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Jimmy Parodies “You Need to Calm Down” as Beto, Bernie and Trump (Live)



A-MAN says:

Speechless, that much good man
Really I AM speechless now!
I want to Bow!

For you for you FOR YOUUUU!

BAglamdoll says:

Brilliant. I love him!!!!!!!!!!

Steven Al Counter says:

American women deserve black dicks hahahahahahahaha

Asit Kislay says:

Jimmy as bernie is funny as hell…it never gets old!

maree caswell says:


Mara says:

That‘s is was he is good for. 100 % – Interviews though .. not so much

Tianaz Bryant says:

Love these openings

Max Powers says:

This guy cant fking do impressions what so ever

Digital Swagg says:

Jimmy! King of LATE NIGHT! The Roots RAWK!

Gabriel M da Silveira says:

If the DNC choose Biden, Trump will win again

Petra J. says:

Wow! ….. And LIVE?! Amazing!

JackieWarner13 says:

I was wondering during the live stream before the show why he wasn't wearing a jacket & I guess this is why😂

Katame says:

Lmao he really looks just like Beto 😂

Paul Howland says:

the few seconds jimmy takes to get into each character, inspiring actors/actresses should take note

Kasey says:

Was that Bernie or Albert Einstein?

Haise says:

Lmao the sleepy Joe gets me all the time!

Sachin Saxena says:

Awesome prrfect. This the best

C4EMGEN says:

Very average.

sayan neogy says:

1:35 here is your moment

UniversityLongboarding says:

Shout out to Nick at the start with allowing Jimmy to have 12 extra whole seconds to reflect

Kay Smith says:

Omg he did that !!😁😁😁😄😄😄lol just like them !!

The Wealth Generator says:

That Donald, Donald, Donald I want to tweet now part was pretty catchy 😂

Farah Juana says:

I haven't hook on this Taylor's song but this parody makes me

Smiley L says:

I don't care what anybody says about Mommy's fake laugh or whatever, he is talented.

dont spook me kirei says:

Something's wrong with the number of views.

xOneAudience says:

Holy shit that deserves an Oscar!

The Ancient Lantern says:

Oh my god. This is hysterical. I love Jimmy.

patriciallynn Heidel says:


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