[VIDEO] Technical Hitch – Mama India (Shantrip)

Video edt. hi-tech sergio (https://www.instagram.com/hitechsergio/)
Genre: High-Tech India / Dark PsyTrance
BPM: 190

video fragments from Kevin McGloughlin & Max Cooper


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argentinox says:

Max Cooper make only music so the video credits must go to the great Kevin McGloughlin

Luiz Gabriel Andrade de Oliveira says:

se ta maluco…. até arrepia

So OP says:

This is beyond OP!
Massive respect!

César Longue Epée says:

Incredible EDIT!!! <3

Gabriella Berbert Colli says:

Esse vídeo é perfeito

Dr. Gadget says:

I was looking for this Video for over an hour… For the second time now… Just because I misremembered having it seen on the channel of Technical Hitch itself and I forgot to add it to a playlist when I was watching it for the first and second time to easily find it again.

Found it both times just as I was about to give up searching for it, but have seen "hi-tech sergio" in a description of one of the videos… After fast forwarding through all the videos Hitch has on his channel a few times, I finally got the idea to look for it on this channel.

Gonna save that now in a playlist and hope that I'll remember that I did that the next time I'd like to watch it or show it to someone else. 😂

10/10 – Audiovisual experience of the highest order!

Would TOTALLY waste another few hours just to watch these eight and a half minutes again! 😁


I cannot imagine doing this manually. Seems like that would take ages just to find as many similar pictures by hand and probably another lifetime to sort and align them to make it all fit together.

My guess would be that you used some sort of AI or at least some other kind of script, which searches the web or a given database with lots of pictures for similar ones and then groups/sorts them based on how similar they are to each other or something like that.

Would you mind about explaining roughly how you created this video?

Prashant Shukla says:

VIdeo and what music is about are on two completely different planes, this video is not working with this song.

LiveSleepDie says:

Absolute living Gods. your and technicals work should have millions of views.

Sujaan Rahman says:

my god… jaw dropping man, stilling having goosebumps after watching the video… wondering how much time it took for editing this fabulous piece of art…

Akshay Garje says:

Mind-blowing editing work I ever seen Recommended to watch in 1080p

Hats off Bro hats off


neukyt says:

RIP Video-editor

Emmanuel Porto says:

Ridiculamente perfeito!

Gatogato38 says:

Nice rework 👌
@Max Cooper 🤩

VHMS Records says:

Best music video of the century

VHMS Records says:

Bro what a video

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