Urashiki Finally Makes His Move On Naruto! Boruto Episode 131 Spoilers


the basic summary of boruto episode 131 has been revealed and translated by organic dinosaur. Urashiki finially manages to capture naruto in order to harvest kurama from naruto.

jiraiya, sasuke and borut o go after urashiki.

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Leandro Laus says:

It’s Boruto and Sasuke not Boruto and Naruto, get your facts straight! I bet the temporal turtle will use Narutos nine tails to juice it up and they travel before the Arrival of Urashiki so he doesn’t mess the timeline in Naruto either that or they get their memories wiped or altered, maybe through genjutsu?!?!?

Humble Lord says:

I wonder is this the episode tie in with the story jiraiya of scar on just chest from naruto that we never seen him getting on camera

Lulu and her Gacha Randomness says:

Boruto and NARUTO are from the future? Wut? I thought it was Sasuke, oof.

Jerome Hehe says:

Release date?

Ryan Phelan says:

If Urashiki takes the chakra of the nine tails from younger Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke and the new Shinobi era will cease to exist! HIM INCLUDED!

N. Amauri Cristiano says:

The otsotsuki love to kidnap people

lenox bartley says:

I think jiraya will find out about about sasuke and boruto and he will travel to the future where the current sasuke and boruto will be. jiraya will disguise his self has kashin koji

Akhil Mishra says:

Cant wait to see..I want so much to happen in this arc. I wish they maintain level now

shuuya gouenji says:

I think this arc changes the future and thus mask guy will appear in future…

Skillz4Killz 3k says:

Boruto will have to use the vanishing rasengan if he has to use the rasengan at all

Goku Son says:

Jiraiya will know who they are. I am so excited about that I cannot wait for Sunday to come.

Manny says:

This arc makes me think whatever happens here is the reason for Kashin Koji existing 😂😂😂

Alvin Anis says:

Urashiki thinks he's slick huh

Flying Fox says:

I think Toneri is trapped inside Karasuki's time Dimension. How do you think about it

Dystopia Park says:

Finally, I've been waiting for more than 2 weeks for your episode 😀

Sarada Haruno Of The Sharingan says:

Just here to remind everyone that Sarada tried to put a "puppet" in a genjutsu.

Sarada Haruno Of The Sharingan says:

Just here to remind everyone that Boruto has defeated 3 Otsutsuki members(Momoshiki, Kinshiki, Urashiki)

VinRoo1989 says:

Wait, so if the only people that are able to use the Rasengan are somehow connected to either Jiraiya or Minato, does that mean that Jiraiya might've been a Sarutobi, but for whatever reason didn't use his last name? I wouldn't know any other way that Konohamaru is able to use the Rasengan. Or the Sarutobi are just so OP in learning different ninjutsu skills in order to become allrounded as fuck. Five chakra natures and the like is dope.

Tafadzwa Enock Madzinga says:

I hope our copy ninja kakashi will join the fight.

Proudly Flat Earther! says:

Thanks a lot

Matthew Dias says:

We're definitely goona see Kurama come out play in this arc.
I think all the adults will figure who Boruto and Sasuke are by the end of the arc. I hope Jiraiya gives teaching advice to Sasuke. That would be really great to see.

Matthew Dias says:

This arc has been good so far. Hopefully it can continue with this momentum.

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