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Melanie Martinez ~ K-12 (tv spot) for 1 hour straight bc it’s stuck in my head too

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original version posted by Melanie Martinez:

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Shaunna Elcock says:

This song is stuck in my head OMG I'm addicted

I'm a Legit Boss fan says:

When i hear this music…. i feel NEW born and as Child i admire kind of these things🤭🥵

take me to the rooftop says:

The real fans been waiting 2 years for this 👏👏👏👏👏

Treine Jones says:

Hurry up September

Eclipse sleeps says:

Im addicted

Kaique Souza says:

It's been 10 hours, it's boring to be replaying

Eliza The Egyptian says:

It's stuck in my head to

Ronni Jhay says:

There is something in this song(snippet) that the very first time I listened to it, it is already stucked in my head.

Gacha Yumi says:

Sameeee w

sweetlilly12 says:

I feel like the smallest "songs" are the best

Oscar badman187 says:

LOL wtf I was replaying this over and over

ǝʇɐןǝɹ ʇuɐɔ says:

i don’t listen to melanie but this song is giving me such creepy vibes which i LOVE! her voice is perfect for this song and i can’t wait until it comes out!!!

Tony says:

This is my strange addiction

Breathin Ariana says:

We've been drugged with visuals and music.

Star Tense says:

I'm really scared about the hospital scene

•Gacha Princess Unicorn Hater• says:

her new album comes out 2 days before my birthday 😨 sep 8 the new album is gonna come out on sep 6 UwU

angel baby says:

I only know a few seconds of this song, but its already my favorite song ever
Can't wait for K12 to come out 😍

AliceAngelGods From Roblox says:

Lyrics:Take me home home give me that pink slip of permison
This is all all I’m tired of wishing I was ditching
Our Lyrcis:give us us that pink trailer of the the album
This is all all a new album that is coming

CRY BABY says:

Send help it’s been stuck for a week now

Yogstan Garcia says:

I love video ❤

Positive Slimes08 says:

you should have put thee k-12 september 6 part bruuhhh

Scandalous peach says:

I have Melanie Martinez style. Pink isn’t my fav but I wear it a lot lol ( it’s black) and I like creepy things

Whydwe_ Chickee says:

Second time Im replaying this 😂 im addicted

ZombieXCorn says:

I honestly can’t wait till September

Bre Williams says:

Is it me or Everytime it replays the video gets scarier and scarier

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