MA MVP wih FATOU of BLACKSWAN | Music Access

FATOU 파투 of BLACKSWAN 블랙스완 paid a visit to Arirang Radio!
Check out their episode only on this video.

#FATOU #파투 #BLACKSWAN #블랙스완 #LEX #렉스

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Nickayla H. says:

That black, blonde ombre looks so good on Fatou! My favorite actually, better than the brown to me.

Nickayla H. says:

They are so in sync with one another because I would have lost every turn at the Word- Act it out game …didn't think of any of those actions

Andrew Mitchell says:

I have not heard the word monkey said so much in such a short amount of time

𝚜𝚙𝚘 Natasha Mewengkang says:

Anjay topeng monyet, mantap lenni, mamamu pasti bangga. 😂🖤

Heidy Michell says:

Fato y lex novios parecen por su forma de hablar entre ellos la verdad ella es la mejor del grupo llasea en bellesa y personalida de ablar con la persona con la que está interactuando yo me expreso muy bien de ella chigona la fatou muy ella en si 😄🥰😈

kya15 says:

Fatuo, wishing you longevity!! Fighting!!!!

likingmusic says:

Fatou did the sims 4 baby pose byeee ahhahahahhaha

likingmusic says:

Please have a special duo for these two!!

likingmusic says:

We want more of fatou!!!

MistyVlogz says:

This is too funny 😹

victoria franklin says:

I love her eyes and presence. Have Arirang Radio ever thought of having Fatou co host?

Ashleigh Ands says:

she's so cuteee

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