Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | 2021 Play-In

GSW vs Lakers Play-In Full Game Highlights

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MLG Highlights says:

LeBron James and Anthony Davis training hard on their shooting👀 https://youtu.be/-fgwuJedPlI

Ke says:

LeBron needs to trust his late game shooting more seen him make that shot a hundred times

Aasar Ptah says:

Watched a magnificent highlights Lakers taken it jus against a spirited GSW and the raining three point bombs of Steph Curry whom came a short……

Marlon Persaud says:

Good win Lakers awsome ga8

Dylan Montoya says:


Victor says:

This ESPN scoreboard looks terrible

Muhannad Al-Kharji says:


The Truth says:

MVP huh…. mkay

UseHer Friendly says:

This shows me the league in trouble when klay back

jonki leshi says:

The numerous bugle comparably flower because sled analogously curl apropos a devilish pyjama. purring, cut bat

Sam Whitehead says:

Warriors make too many turnovers to call themselves professionals.
Been making them all year. No excuse for that. It's a coaching problem. Steve kerr. Need to address ball protection. Obviously no ball protection goals. That's bullshit coach, straight up bullshit. It you can't fix the problem get somebody who can. I'll do it for free

Enrique Perez says:

Kcp Caruso and LeBron were the big factor's Lakers were able to get the win

frank910G says:

Clay's hurt

C U says:

Dray and steph got cocky in the 3rd quarter. Lots of turnovers. Dray played GREAT on D and The Chef was cooking hibachi.

Caleb ChestBruh says:


Tabitha C says:

Steph Curry, smh, that dude is badddd!!!

Scottie Pipppen says:

4:45 lost em

sergio diaz says:

mlg es chileno mi rey????? ojala orgullo nacional king

Nice One says:

It really is a brilliant idea for the play-in tournament.

briana onoh says:

This game was a battle
Loved it

Fernando Valdez says:

Laker's fans quotes and comments make no sense. The reality is that according to LAS Vegas sportsbooks Los Angeles Lakers lose 1 quater, halftime, and the entire game handicap. They must win by at least 10. And scape thanks to a hail mary shot.

DarK_ MeziaH says:


Menick Tabunaway says:

Let's go Lakers.

111milko says:

Every Era has their Star players …but its really cool when they play each other…legends going at it .. Lakers all day .

Gavin Yu says:

Draymond is piece of shxx.

mohamed ahmed says:

When klay come back if God wills GSW getting a couple more rings all facts no lies Insha'Allah

IlokanaAndTisay Vlogs says:

2:48 Lebron be like…

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