[KMW DAY1] Blackswan::블랙스완 – 파파라치(Paparazzi) + Close to Me

🎧 2021 K-Music Week #KMW
DAY 1 | Must Dance PLAYLIST
LIVE CLIP ▶️ (2021.11.18)

#Blackswan #블랙스완
🎵 KAN MI YOUN::간미연 – 파파라치(Paparazzi)
🎵 Close to Me

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Mainaira Alves says:

amo vocês por favor sejam fortes minhas gatinhas🥺

Mainaira Alves says:

love you please be strong🥺

Lanny Brasil says:

Boa tarde Lumina das 5 playlist o Blackswan esta em segundo lugar sendo grupo com mais views atrás do ITZY com 198 mil visualizacão e o Blackswan em segundo 120 mil visualizacão vamos luminar continuar cadê as fanbase ajudar aqui

goodthing says:

Fatou is gorgeous ♡

To Anyone are kpop queens says:

She really ruined everything, I'm very sad

Alane Lima says:

Léia 🖤💙

Anne BS says:

Ameii a apresentação não me canso de ver

Kanyin.F says:

Loved the whole performance, hopefully we get to see them release more group covers on their own channel.

MissVintageLA says:

Fatou is unreal. I always look forward to their live stages

Sam says:

If they break up ill be so sad… they have the potential to change the industry and I hope the scandal going on doesn’t ruin them….. idc who is wrong or right, for kpop groups disputes should be handled in a mature way not announcing it to the public to try to get attention because that’s how a group loses fans and the respect of the public and leads to a breakup of the group… maybe because Leia isn’t from korea she doesn’t understand how much small scandals can ruin a group… it’s a team effort and showing that your team isn’t “perfect” is really bad in kpop

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