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I Busted 30 Movie Myths In GTA 5!

Today we are busting 30 MOVIE MYTHS in GTA 5! Drop a like for more of these crazy videos!!!

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Oh snap! You're watching Rich TVX News Network! The source of raw, breaking news.


GalaxyG4mingDevil says:

"Alright so we have a big banana here" 😏

Andrew Sheil says:

Do a video of a lightsaver

Hei hixson says:

I think Franklin just landed his balls on the bike and die 😂

00 ROSE says:

Everybody subsribe

Jesus reviews says:

Hey dude you stole the video thumbnail and some of the myth from Preston dude like wth

Hunter D says:

Everyone let's get Caylus to 8M subscribers!

Artichoke says:

The train is terrifying at the beginning lol


Great content though!


In myth 12 he said harry popping lol

SamChloe Adom says:

Something was weird

Thomas Moll says:

Reloading wand 5:24

NattStorholm says:

yay you hit 7mil syns lets go

Leo Burbury says:

I know what it was at 3:56 it was a The monster from stranger things

mike faulkner says:

Your awesome man I'm ten years old and you are my hero

Lindsey Cantrell says:

I WatchAllThe Spiderman movies

s m says:

Nice slayer shirt

Jaythebeast says:

What is that animal

New Leaf says:

I’m subscribed Love your videos

Jasa Gaber says:

expecto patronum is actualy a spell to summon a guardian wich protects you from a dementor so its not fire but ok

Kalib Teasley says:


Idiot Sandwich says:

You listen to slayer

Shawntavia Mcdougle says:

Go on the bus to a billion

Krazykaijou says:

How do you get zombie mods?

Carl Johnson says:

Fun fact with squid ward: hood sliding was on GTA 2

Lashanna Tuggle says:

Lashanna aid des. Cpe

Roksana Akter says:

In GTA 5 you can get tired

Miranda Martin says:

I love your Video

Mikhail Ducayen says:

Shooting underwater you can't shoot but one gun was made by the ussr

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