Game Recap: Mavericks 133, Warriors 103

Led by Luka Doncics 39 points (15-23 FG), six rebounds and eight assists, the Mavericks defeated the Warriors, 133-103. Stephen Curry tallied a team-high 27 points for the Warriors in the losing effort. The Mavericks improve to 34-27 on the season, while the Warriors fall to 31-31.


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Jpp King says:

C'est la fin de l'ère des warriors. Il doivent renouveler l'effectif

naomi faith says:

haaaay nakuh,,,,inaantok na nman yung warriors"


Burnt alive .

Herchelle Jacobs says:

Brunson and hardaway is more consistent than kelly oubre and wiggins luka was great

kingshearer2 says:

14 players scored for the Mavs – that's strength in depth.

saqalain haider says:

Luka showing his magic again.💞

Stefan Jekic says:

Luka Doncic and Russel Westbrook deserve the MVP reward more than Steph Curry. Behind Jokic of course.

Ahmad Musthafa Ramdani says:

Hurt to watch

Ahmad Musthafa Ramdani says:

Hurt to watch

O K says:

Hmm Luka has beaten Nets Lakers Portland Utah Clippers GSW Bucks.. they lose to the Kings. This is a Championship team

Christine Nelson says:

Remember they are just human and most of the players are new and they are still in the process of coming together. Win some lose some that is the Sport .. Warriors I am in your corner Will improve God Bless you all

Cam Alex says:

Kawaih Leonard really needs to join the warriors

Svjetlan Gavranic says:

Luka Magic💥

Gustavo Delgado says:

Los hicieron como quisieron

Don Zaxos says:

now understand why curry is not mvp?

Raymond Jefferson says:

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Leonel Giresse says:

That's your MVP team ladys and gentlemen with 28-0 on a 8:40 without scoring no point.

Putik Pochix says:

Luca is on fire because of the ref.. 😍😍😍

Jordan Davis says:

Kelly oubre reminds me of Dennis Rodman.

Sugarist0 says:

Let’s play a quick game called “Where’s Draymond?”

I’m not ripping off Waldo because Draymond never showed up in the first place

mradhayuda1 says:

Wasitnya yg di gombalin kemaren

mradhayuda1 says:

Yg semangat donk mainya. Mentang masuk zona playoff

The Mouus says:

Score: 62-29

posco 31 says:

I want to know song playlist during 1Q plz tell me i remember nextspisode ,still dre today music legend list to me plz tell me TT

Michael Strode says:

29 point 1st half will lose all games. Unless it is NFL. Warriors have some of the worst games in history this year (example: Raptors 53 point victory), and excessive last minutes/seconds losses. Warriors should have a similar or better record as the Mavs. We can know nust how far apart these two teams are. Mavs are in a man's league. GS still training for the offseason.

Bluesky04 YT says:

No playoffs GSW

Ace World says:

Luka says curry who??

Svjetlan Gavranic says:

,,,, come on man!Luka is on another level.Jokić&Dončić for an MVP!Who cares about the others MVP players in MVPCracec

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