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Final Video Of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Hours Before Death Released

Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s widow Talinda has released the final publicly video of Chester, filmed on July 18, 2017, 36 hours prior to his death.

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She tweeted: “My next tweet is the most personal tweet I have ever done. I’m showing this so that you know that depression doesn’t have a face or a mood. This is what depression looked like to us just 36 hrs b4 his death. He loved us SO much & we loved him. #fuckdepression #MakeChesterProud.”

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abc def says:

I miss you…

Tudor Pepi says:

I see people commenting here about how sad Chester looks just because they know what happened shortly afterwards. But if this video was uploaded with Chester still alive no one would've noticed that.

poione42 says:

😢😢😢 so sad and scary

Spark 515 says:

He coudltn handle the candy but can choke jimself to death…hmmm
I've seen people talk out…this is weird and interesting.

Smile says:

This is me…
Smiling, Laughing and enjoying the moments with my family but everynight before going to bed I always think about killing myself.

Егор Цыба says:

0:17 no thanks, racists

Quin McFly says:

Everyone says that the eyes say everything, they literally say nothing at all

Filip Gräsberg says:

It looks like he was happy. Weird how this works. RIP.

johana Jaime says:

Su carita lo dice todo 💔💔💔😭😭😭

DaveKal says:

poor guy, it really looks like he is trying to enjoy his last moments with his family.

Takuma says:

I’ve heard that the depression patient will be very calm and happy when they decide to commit suicide because they knew they can escape from the pain soon. I think Chester already decided to die at this moment so he seem happy. Only my opinion

All things K-pop says:

I love him so much 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish he was still here

LPcristhy says:

I think he committed suicide because he was in drugs or very drunk or both so he wasn't in 5 senses when he did that…

Jordan McMahon says:

A smile is like a mask, you can never tell how the person is really feeling behind it. R.I.P. Chester. I still miss you everyday.

R D says:

Rest in peace..

Josh Lake says:

Everyone has depression in some sense of their life. He was an absolute vocalist. No matter how much pain I can imagine he was going through. He still had a responsibility as a husband and more importantly a father to his kids. Couldnt imagine in the darkest days putting my kids through that.

Dylan Megaw says:

He doesn't look happy, he doesn't look sad he just looks…tired. Not lack of sleep tired but just that awful feeling that there is nothing left inside of you and you're tired of fighting and you just want it all to stop, you just want a rest.

Aiden Brister says:

You can tell why he left to the bathroom or what ever it was, his eyes says it all, and it's just a memory I have. During depression with my family crisis and long term relationship break up in school, I tried hanging, cutting, and poisoning myself. The only people who was there to stop me was Eminem, Linkin Park, and myself. I know exactly why he pulled that face and I wish I could return the massive favour back to him. We'll miss you Linkin Park! Just as much as we'll miss Eminem in the future, and everyone else on this planet!

The22Dude says:

Everyone keeps saying that you can see his depression in his eyes, but no one would’ve noticed it if he was still alive today

Manuel Batista says:

When will this grief stop? Does anyone know when my soul will quit tearing apart every time I think of Chester? When will I be able to listen to Linkin Park records again without having to drain myself of all emotion in order to not go crazy and smash the CD? When will I see his honest smile and not wish to attempt to half kill myself in hopes that I can reach down an arm into the yonder and drag him back? God, how much longer? When will I have peace? When will I accept his decision to depart and learn keep the good and “leave out all the rest”? When will I be able to thank Chester from the bottom of my heart for the strength he lent me through his songs without the immeasurable sadness rendíng my thankfulness?
Does anyone know? Can anyone tell me?

joey says:

People can kill themselves on a second of impulse. None of you guys suffering from depression are the same as him or anyone. If you are depressed get help. Stop romanticizing it and grow up.

cream dollar says:

믿기지가 않네요…..아

UN KNOWN says:

fuck both depression and anxiety

mark clipton says:

he all ready look tired here.

Samuel LP says:

His face gives off A Clear "Im not in my proper state of Mind, Help me" but as us so called "Intelligent" Human beings we weren't able to save him and now he's gone. 1Year and i still can't wrap my head around the fact He's gone.
#RestInPeace Chester Charles Bennington.

smutnykrabix says:

his eyes looks so freaking tried

Mohammad M says:

He committed suicide because that jellybean tasted so bad.

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