Evanescence – "The Game Is Over" (REACTION!) | Rock/Metal Day (ARC Vision Reacts)

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Amanda says:

I forgot a recommendation (I left you more on your reaction to "Use My Voice."
Be sure to check out:
"Break In" (There are 2 video versions: a social distanced version and a studio version). Lizzy Hale Feat. Amy Lee

Rawad Obeidi says:

As always great reaction …
Don't forget my list of reactions to Evanescence videos like
The only One
Taking over me

Ed Hollingsworth says:

I've never heard anyone (besides me lol!) rank Tourniquet that high in their list of favorite Evanescence songs – too many people don't even know about it. 😱 Great reaction!

Alfian Wahid Saputra says:

next evanescence – use my voice

Alfian Wahid Saputra says:

1. amy lee
2,hayley william
3. andrea corr

Alfian Wahid Saputra says:

https://youtu.be/NI702RlxBbY song in the best

Leandro Abrantes says:

Yeah, My heart is broken is a great song. The Deluxe version of the third album is great too. I don’t know if you know theses songs: New Way to bleed, Disappear, Secret Door and Say you will. They’re good songs too.

There’s another band that you should react called Within Temptation. I don’t remember if you already did it but Sharon has an amazing voice. Look for the song Angels.
I think you’re gonna like it (if you don’t know them).
Great job, man!

Kara Turner says:

Hey Anton! I mentioned to Jamel that you would be interested in having him on your podcast so he said he would hit you up. I guess he will just comment on your video that I sent him. I’m not sure.

Daphne D. says:

Amy's voice is timeless….still knocking it out of the park in 2020!

I got a girl crush……just sayn' 🤣

KMM Hirushan says:

Hell yeah. I was waiting for your reaction

Raúl Coronel says:

I laughed when Amy said that in the scene when she was running, a neighbor call the police hahaha thinking that it's a thief or something…..

kells881 says:

Trippy video, but still cool. Amy Lee & that powerful voice of hers! Hearing your comments after, reminds me of myself. Whenever I hear something new from a favorite, sometimes it takes a few listens for it to grow on me. I think ( for myself definitely)sometimes, we unintentionally have that last project/sound still in our heads, so when the new one comes out, it’s so easy to compare it to the previous one. It’s a banger for me.

Ali D says:

react to hichkas bunch of soldiers you wouldn't regret. stay safe

Alain Tardy says:

Hi, you should react The Warning too !
3 sisters from Mexico who play great rock !
3 sisters aged 20, 18 and 15 !
Powerful trio !
The band has 2 studio albums "XXI Century Blood" and "Queen of The Murder Scene" !
They are so talented and charismatic !
Here are 5 suggestions :

Dust to Dust


Dull Knives (Cut Better)


And a great cover :
Atlas Rise – Metallica

These young girls are amazing !

Liana Muthrtung says:

Jen lives in Germany! she's having to do her final parts for The Bitter Pill remotely. they've been directed remotely from that director Paul (? dunno his last name) who did Sweet Sacrifice, The Chain, the artwork & videos for Synthesis, & the visual concept was them highlighting some nightmarish fears they all have; like Tim & claustrophobia, Troy's dream paralysis (possibly… with the levitating) & Amy's obviously seen The Ring LOL. I personally really like the song but it's not my fave of theirs. But they've literally outdone themselves IMO with their latest single Use My Voice. Almost would say it's my favourite of theirs ever. Top 3 at least. This album's gonna be killer

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