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Drake & 21 Savage – Privileged Rappers | A COLORS SHOW

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Tshepo Gededzha says:

Yesir ❤️👌

naim ismail says:

This is the greatest song of all tome

Brenea Bankss says:


Uniek Stephens says:

Why do it look 👀 like they’re lip singing 🎤 😮😢😂😂

ashiq Roopchand says:

We need 1 album every month drake

Ravi Gulfam says:

“That’s y’all”

Jeferson Bunny Skies dresch says:

Wonderful performance🔥🔥🔥
Top os cara sao top so bombaaa💣💣
"I hate privileged Rappers".

ashley c says:

He says n word now alot

ashley c says:

Drake has changed

Raphiel says:



drake look a hot mess omg. what is that outfit

imhighoncookies says:

The irony in the line "i hate a priveleged rapper who dont even know what it take" is some reverse psychology mindbender shit. Drake got an amazingly incredible start to life by having a psychologist as a mother and a musician as a father. Then being able to act on a tv show for years to increase his awareness and communication skills. Then with those skills, finding and developing a team that was willing to work with him. Then using his Dads connects to other rappers in the joint to teach him how to rap. Then getting signed by Lil Wayne with millions of dollars to put behind him at the snap of a finger ("whatever drake need give it to him") and connections to the best musicians in the world. And to say all the other rappers are priveleged 🤣🤣🤣. Hard work imo only gets you so far. Or else EVERYONE who works hard at rap would be at this level.

diego osorio says:

Drake y 21 savage, Dioses, nada me faltará.

Jordyn Lane says:

He should've said "Burrrr" instead of "Purrr"

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