DR Music Responds to BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia Allegations

Earlier today, DR Music released a statement in response to the allegations BLACKSWAN Leia’s mother made against BLACKSWAN Fatou. The statement was published on the official Blackswan Twitter account. Let’s discuss the statement and what has gone down since Fatou refuted the allegations on Twitter. Thanks for watching! If you liked this video, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, & ring the notification bell! – briczennie ♡

stage mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9wV3J8ha5g&t=0s

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briczennie says:

Since I posted this video, BLACKSWAN uploaded a “End of Promotion Broadcasting” video to their official YouTube channel. In this video, all of the members addressed the allegations and apologized to LUMINA. Both Fatou and Leia confirmed that the argument that occurred between Fatou and Leia on October 25th did indeed happen, as Fatou explained in her Twitter statement. Leia admitted that she told her family about the falling out, and they misunderstood, leading them to reach out to the fan site about "bullying". Leia added that after promotions, she will head back to Brazil to see her family and take a mental health break. Fatou also commented on the racism and discrimination exhibited by some members of the fandom. You can watch the video here. https://youtu.be/P4hpi4ghwfc I've also included a summarization of what was said here, since at this time there are no English subtitles.
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Allice Ga says:

Leia lied, Fez da Fatou the villain of the story. she stood on stage watching Brazilians (some) call Fatou 🐒 among other racist offenses. I find Leia manipulative and false.

CosmicStarr says:

Already said that Leia was lying and playing victim and Everyone wanted to be in the middle. She was targeting fatou. This is a common thing among black women when people don’t believe us and we stand up for ourselves the white and non-black woman bring out those salty a$$ tears and plays the victim . Meanwhile the true victim is called “ aggressive” and we are overlooked. Not anymore! Black women need to stand up for themselves more than ever. We Will continue make our voices heard no matter the cost! Stop apologizing to these k-pop stans who’s when they get aggressive and start calling racist names! They are huge bullies and half them wouldn’t say those racist remarks to you in person because they would catch they hands so quick !

Juno Boy says:

This group is going down

M B says:

Tbh this doesn't sit well with me considering how previous bullying accusations impacted other artists. Some even had to withdraw from their group because of that, despite the fact that what they were accused of wasn't even true in the first place. So for this girl to go around telling people she got bullied, to me it wasn't innocent. She was clearly trying to do harm. I don't like this group and haven't seen much of them, but the little I saw from Leia I didn't like. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Jay Kay says:

Is dr music execs korean? They sound kinda woke

ナナオサキ says:

The fact that leia knows her family "misunderstood" her story but never said anything about it,, u be lying if u said she doesn't know about it even after fatou release her statement in public,, but she chooses to be quiet and act like a victim

Dani Dani says:

I hope they can work together and move passed it but honestly it feels like it will happen again. They don’t need this and I’m my opinion they should kick her out. It’s not worth having a negative atmosphere just for fame. The girls deserve better.

Khalil P says:

I'm sorry, DR Music knows how to issue statements???? 🙃 As in RANIA's DR Music???

Rochelle Ballah says:

DR is the real mvp. I love how professionally they handled the situation

Sonnyra GdC says:

Leia should be removed… She clearly proved she can't be a part of a team

I’m me All day everyday says:

Well that was swept under the rug

Kokomi says:

Fatous statement felt the most true. She isn't a bully and the way people forgave Leia seems off…

Shay45 says:

I have a feeling that Leia was lectured about something she did wrong and took the lecture as “bullying.”

broke kid says:

tbh even if fatou was a bully why do people think it's okay to be racist ??? like calling her racial slurs is just too much, bullying might be serious problem but it's not excuse to attack someone based on something they have no control over

uwu uwu says:

i really dont understand why people have attitude liek that. if i were leia i will enjoy the opportunity give to me and strive more for our group. as long as i make money and giving happiness to some fans. THATS IT.

Asian Chimichanga says:

This is the first time that I am okay with any company's statement of the current situation with their groups. It's short, precise and perfect.

Mercy Victoria Musonda says:

Am siding with fatoa on this one.

Ellie from T&T says:


Miss Nihi says:

I feel like Leia isn't coming back from her hiatus but the company is gonna wait to reveal that

Tadmira127DreamUV Tadmir says:

Hi Briczennie 💚✨…..UNIVERSE IS COMING💚✨.
And about the topic….. I think Larrisa(leia) spend it all🤦🏾‍♀️.

Princess says:

They should sue leia for damages she admitted she lied and purposely accused fatou bc she would get the most backlash

YV. O says:

At the beginning of the video, what song was playing?

Bree T says:

ppl get removed from groups for bullying scandals from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL but this girl just gets a time out ffs

Moon Shi says:

i think the statement was well written. hoping black swan continues to do their best and also hope the racism stops

-さゆり-사유리 says:

It’s exactly what I suspected it happened, they had an argument that could be solved by themselves like most groups do, but Leia ended up telling her mom and most Brazilian moms take things way too far when it comes to their child, resulting in all this unnecessary drama…

lizle says:

DR Music ENT sounds like an actually good k-pop company. I hope BLACKSWAN don't fight each other and that everything will be okay! <3

Ami A says:

As much as I love the statement I’m a little sus
For some reason it sounds like it’s coming from one of the girls writing this on behalf of the company than actual staff from the company. If you know what I mean
Lmfao anyway it’s a good statement and sounds very honest

MsNikkiBuzz says:

They aced that statement. Big 3 could learn from them.

glow Baby says:

People don’t consider the fact that the girl tried to portray fatou as a bad person what she and her family did could have ruined Fatou’s career. I don’t understand why keeping her in the group hoping that it’ll get better. If she did that it means that she’s capable of worse!!!

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