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Demon Slayer Season 3: Swordsmith Village Arc | UNOFFICIAL TRAILER

I made a “fake” Demon Slayer trailer!! I also tried doing sakuga animation for the first time, so I hope it looks alright!!

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Animating the mitsuri part alone took me 50+ hours, 32 unique frames, maximum layer limit was reached (141 layers on procreate), and I think I have lost my sanity 😀 But nonetheless it was fun to animate!! :’)

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(The first part of the video was taken and edited from the official Swordsmith Village Arc trailer)

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Oh snap! You're watching Rich TVX News Network! The source of raw, breaking news.


– Song?
Samuel Kim’s Mitsuri Kanroji Theme https://youtu.be/KZRxRf_QCJY

– What did you use to make this?
Procreate, Alight Motion, iPad Pro 10.5 inch, Apple Pencil

– Is this fanmade?

– Can I reupload this?
As long as proper credit is given to me

– Can I use this in an edit?
Yes!! Let me know when you do because I would love to see it !! ^ ^

– Can I use this for a profile picture?
Sure !


wistxriia says:

Happy April Fools day 🙂
Join us 💘https://discord.gg/2PCUZq8F
[there are going to be some demon slayer manga spoilers in the server !]

Chicago galaxy says:

seems like the cute hashira is on the move

Jessie Andis says:

This is awesome, I was convinced it was official!

XxmoonstxrsxX says:

I thought it was real it looks amazing btw

Park Brithany says:

No pude aguantarme la curiosidad y me fui a leer el manga 😭😭

Dã Studeruts132 says:

what the fuck I came very excited and when I saw it it was fake ;-;

no you says:

everything was fine except for muchiro's smile

Isabelle Larah Fernandez says:

i tot this is s 4

Ульяна Воронина says:

Фуууууу чо за хрень

Julieta Milagros zarate says:

pov cuando te imajinas cosas que nunca van a pasar :

Kimberly Prudente says:

Omg did just Muichiro smiled?😍
I mean its very rare to see him smile on the series omg

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