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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc Anime Adaptation Confirmed!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc anime adaptation confirmed!

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[ CAST ]
Tanjiro Kamado : Natsuki Hanae
Nezuko Kamado : Akari Kito
Zenitsu Agatsuma : Hiro Shimono
Inosuke Hashibira : Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Muichiro Tokito : Kengo Kawanishi
Mitsuri Kanroji: Kana Hanazawa

Original Story : Koyoharu Gotoge (JUMP COMICS / SHUEISHA)
Director : Haruo Sotozaki
Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Akira Matsushima
Animation Production : ufotable

©Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable


Kan Keihatsu says:

Do you remember the Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo in 2021 ?
Cuz behind of these hashira doors also does are represented of the combination of the fusion is just like the Tokyo Olympic logo .

Ysa Balaba says:

0:30 why she has belt she gonna use it for kid demon to spank em

Greneyde says:

I think this will be the best season bc:
– A lot of good stuff happens (no spoilers)
– Interesting place set
– Interesting yet very weak hashira (tanjiro will be carrying them)
– It's the build up to the finale
– It's not as hectic as s4 (omg) and more hectic than s2
– Most interesting upper moons

Honestly I'm gonna be squealing when season 4 gets animated, yikes.

milych0n says:


I Eat Ningens For Breakfast says:

Oh hell yeah baby!!

Naruto says:

Tanjiro journeys to a village of swordsmiths and has to explain how his sword was so badly damaged to Hotaru Haganezuka, the smith who made it. While Tanjiro waits for his sword to be repaired, enemies close in…[1] The Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito, engages the demons, but he'll need some help from Tanjiro and Genya, another Demon Slayer. It's bad enough that they have to fight two upper-rank demons, but can they handle a foe who can split itself into four separate bodies and regenerate almost instantly?

Pirate King says:

can't wait to see The face of the upper rank 1

Isha Shifar says:

yay s3 btw anyone notice how every season focuses on one or two hashira?
s1 main hashira were : shinobu and tomioka
s2 main hashira were : rengoku and tengen
s3 main hashira are : muichiro and mitsuri
and s4 will probably focus on : gyomei, sanemi and obanai

三pencil_cookie三 says:

As a demon slayer fan, i would love to see muichiro and mitsuri in action, it would be epic!

Jacob Cabo says:

Tanjiro vs Upper rank 5 and 4

Apru says:

Cant wait for muichiro using Kasumi no khokyu on Uppermoon 5 it will be so awesome. and even Uppermoon 4 fight. 🔥❤‍🔥

Apru says:

I swear when Infinity Castle Arc gets animated, Kimetsunoyaiba will literally blow up the internet with its epicness and judging from the way aniplex animated Entertainment District Arc they will absolutely set the Infinity Castle Arc on FIRE.

Athithiyan Rajan says:

what the helllll🤯🤯🤯🤯
the ost just gave the best anticipation ever

Mossy child says:

Wow great teaser…

Nathan Espanto says:

I am so excited to see how Mitsuri fights with her whip like katana also Muichiro against upper moon five but yeah-

rusty says:

am I right in assuming season 3 will cover the hashira training arc as well? Or nah?

Pang Hsien Loong says:

3rd best KnY arc!!!

iamhungey12345 says:

"Lovely Kitty Shower!"

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