Deep New York Underground Lounge House Music DJ Mix by JaBig [DEEP & DOPE 117]

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Tribute – Moodymann
The Right Way (Tony Lionni Remix) – Sasse & James Flavour
Wench (Francois Dubois Mix) – Nacho Marco
Filthy Forever – ???
First Time – Nils Hess
Resident – Herbert
I’m Not Afraid of The Future (Jimpster Mix) – Akabu
Ten (Vincenzo Remix) – Bas Amro
Together As One (Aquabassino Remix) – Charles Webster feat. Samantha James
Flame (Mood II swing Dub) – Crustation
Life – Pepe Bradock


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LG says:

This is the first mix of yours I ever listened to 7 or 8 years ago. And now here it is being recommended to me in 2021 🙂

Pearl Grace Camral Mercader says:

I still love ur music jabig. Cant stop dancing 🎶🎶🎶🎶

CJ Meiko says:

JaBig thanks for this!. I get totally lost in my work out in this mix and still keep my counts, thanks again

Anjunakitchen says:

45:57 😍😍

el chato betancourt says:

En lo mas de lo mas

Ms Tee says:

This is going to be awesome for my walk later. NY in the house.

Katrina Ruffin says:

Excellent House Music… You Rock

wendy johnson says:

My go-to at Planet Fitness…this is a must!!!

Edith Sanchez says:

Iam feelin the second track the right way!'

Zipora Linzer says:


P Marcelle says:

Dang how on earth did I miss this mix!! Saaaaaweeeeeet👄👄👄👄👄

Joanne Campbell says:

Sweeeeeeet NY Underground is where we are bound.! Now where would a gal be without her late night dose of that stylish DEEP & DOPE,.
I think my dear old soul might just be broke.
Gives my early morning woes sweet hope.
Though on all those m&ms, without sleep, I might choke.
But I'll just shake my ass, try to tell a rude joke…. it may be bad, but my grooves are better than the best weed smoked.
Grooving to the DEEP N DOPE, with one wink and one stroke.
Plenty of champagne and cocoa butter soap. 😉 💃🍸⭐️🎶❤️🌙

ghostrecon755 says:

S/O from TX!

Bandile Zondo says:

Your house mixes really take me back to that authentic sound of house that got me married to it to begin with – thank you

Todd Francis says:

jah (small 'j' because Psalm 68:4 is my Father) yet much praise, and duly gratitude… you have it! Use it for good. You are exceedingly gifted…keep on…!

Polo Nius says:


Katherine Von Rothschild says:

speak to me Mr. Jabig. This is awesome.

Daniel Harbora says:

jabig your one of the greatest .Thankyou

scales inc says:

i didnt think New York got down like that

scales inc says:

i was listening to phuture ,your only friend and then i stumbled on to this its hot

scales inc says:

aint nothing like house its not jazz or funk ,its not R&B rap hiphop smooth jazz or country, rock n roll and its not techno ,i might incorporate some of these but its different and ive been loving it since i was a kid

scales inc says:

keep doing it ,this is 2017 house music . this is great

Dane Hicks says:

One of your biggest fans. Definitely underrated.

Andromeda Zen says:

that's what I'm talking about♡♡

erimpel90 says:

dope mix bro B-)

Richard Hill says:

King JaBig, go ahead son, really rocks great progressive house, so talented for sure, more stuff like this please sir !!, we will need this bigtime in the years to come…just saying.

mars laredo says:

Great mix by a great DJ.

Azis says:

thanx carpet shop guy for the lovely mix

Francisco Medialdea says:

Era para Jabig

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