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Sean France says:

Reznov : Sean say mother land !

kane mcguckin says:

As much as actual characters would be good it would make operator skins pretty much useless if you only play zombies

Mighty Honour says:

I am literally just downloading BO3 since I didn’t know it was out since I am so stupid 😂. If the zombies is amazing on this then I will probably just get the zombies but I seen people play the demo on this game on multiplayer and it looks awful the spawns are messed up and the maps ain’t great either but they will probably fix that up anyway. If no one plays B03 zombies anymore then I have for sure messed up now 😂🙏🏻🤞.

Katelyn Truitt says:

Can't wait.!!

Justin Santos says:

I have a question why do the cod zombies humanoid I prefer zombies that are like resident evil freakish mutations zombies and they scare me more when they aren't humans maybe animals zombies will do like a gorilla zombie or zebra it would be interesting if there was a giraffe zombie just no more human ones they are becoming the norm not all thing on earth are humans I swear the cod zombie virus is so stupid if it targets only humans just doesn't make sense that it's only humans being target in the games by the virus have to be animals around somewhere it could work on


Sauce for the thumbnail

WhiteHazeGruntz says:

I feel click baited. I skipped around but didn't see any zombie stuff besides talking about it n pages of info of it shown. I exspected to see actual zombie feed

I'm bored Gaming says:

maybe this will show who gave sam or where sam got the tape the other guy had in cold war zomies

JuggerJake 115 says:

I wonder if what they mean by a ‘new’ zombies mode is going to be somewhat similar to that Nightmare custom map for BO3. That mod/custom map plays like a campaign and it’s an unreal experience. If it is like that mod, they have my purchase.

DeutscheEnclave Supporter says:

Well if I hate myself enough to piss away 60$ on this game I'll mainly be playing it for zombies and not that same old cookie cutter shit story

maomaodoudou says:

When is open beta?

Supprise Supprise Right N Ya Eyes says:

Multiplayer Zombies Campign ???

julian cardoza says:

I git a pre order for vanguard and i have to wait until october 28 2021 to use it


Legal tendi tudo cara

Prince Caligula says:

I can't believe everyone subscribes to this guy, he tries too hard and talks as fast as possible to compress information, he has no soul.

It is yo boi Diamond says:

If they put Zombie Cronicals 2 into Vanguard Zombies I will have to buy Call Of Duty Vanguard so I can play Zombie Cronicals 2

christopher martinez says:

Dude I just wanted to see a reveal not you talking the whole time and this is by sledgehammer you sped

Fernando Rosales says:

The ladt good treyarch zombies mode was on BO2 why would they do that

AchievementSaver says:

i feel like cold war ended too soon

Brandon Hames says:

Let me elaborate this game, a woman WILL be a wannabe main character, no swastikas because you know history hurts wittle feewings, the won't give any attention to amy mode but multi-player and give $20 anime BS because that's what cod was built on of course, recycles game play, completely imbalanced weapons, wait 2 years for a new zombie map and that's it enjoy this trash

Donovan Bailey says:

Silly me for thinking the zombies reveal meant it was going to reveal the zombies mode.

unknown447 says:

Tank dempesy better show up

adrian richards says:

I won't buy this game

Cool Fish says:

Let me start with a pistol and actually make the mystery box useful. Get rid of the ammo boxes just like classic zombies and make me wait for a fucking max ammo. Zombies isn’t a challenge anymore. I miss feeling accomplished that I made it to round 20

Wayne Igoe says:

I seem to recall activision saying that Cold War was gonna have the most seasons (or was it content?) of any CoD to date…

Tony uk says:

More shit of call of duty

Pz 37 says:

But treyarch ain't

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