Call of Duty: Vanguard – Zombies Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

Your mission: Stop the undead army with a new set of skills… 😈


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Midnight Foxx says:

Yeah .. theres not much to zombies!!

Trevor Stockwell says:

Yep a woke agenda there is

Trevor Stockwell says:

I much rather wait a couple of years between games for a hope to b better. I have no interest in this game cause just like the last battlefield, they rewrote history to suit the woke agenda in the campaign

Justin Kowalski says:

I miss bo3 zombies

Jem Shivtiel says:

Who’s here after the massive L the zombies community got given

Sean Devlin says:

I will never understand the appeal

Welmosca says:

At 0:50 they cut the clip cuz the foot would've glitched through the body lol.

Noob2Pro says:

Just take 2-3 years to develop a new and different call of duty game, really put some though into it. I bet itd be better

Bloody Gamer says:

Looks Like This Studio is Making There Own Money :l

Forbidden Alchemy says:

These games just feel like an expansion of modern warfare they all look and play the same

Doodle "Swanbump" Depot says:

Imagine if the this time, the mode locked to PlayStation for a year was Classic Round Based… 🤣

Yeyey Yeye says:

Someone asked for interesting characters instead of operators back i totally agree i miss the old man with the jokes and the nerdy guy w glasses from cod3

VagrantStory says:

this is bad.

ClearMindJoker says:

Feels very Zombie Army (1-2 or Trilogy) inspired I mean there's a big Heavy Gunner with a MG42 to the "ARISE" plus the setting and whole demonic vibe, I was wondering when they would go into the demonic realm but looks like this is it. Zombies w/ aliens, but now it's zombies and demons.


Peter Paul says:

Advanced Warfare 2?

Golden spork knife 69 says:

Does anyone else think the voice at the beginning of the trailer kinda sounded like the shadow man?

Adil Rahman says:

Please make this difficult. I'm so tired of how easy it is now. Zombies should feel intense not a relaxing experience

Antonio Pepe says:

ridiculous. but why put the purple flames? exist ? all too fantasy. however the real problem is that unlike all other games that make trailers with real gameplay, call of duty this year is back to doing as in the days of PS1 / PS2 / PS3 Where the kinematics were rendered outside the game engine. after buying the presale and trying the beta, I immediately asked for a refund. the modern warfare graphics of 2 years ago they dream it. the difference between the trailer and the game is embarrassing.

Matthew Lamar says:

Garbage game lol I’ll stick with Cold War and mw 2019 for now

Neon says:


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