[BP RANIA – Breathe Heavy] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 170921 EP.542

– KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.542
– BP RANIA – Breathe Heavy

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[Kor Ver.]
섹시돌 ‘#BP라니아’ 남심저격하는 고혹적인 퍼포먼스! ‘Breathe Heavy’ 무대!

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Jung Hoseok says:

why ain't this on spotify <3

yvesus says:

the lyrics are so wrong :/

Ale Jung_1327 says:

Is a bot
I loveeeeeee

Damonistique says:

This performance is gorgeous

PAUSE says:

They needed to get rid of the rap part live, I think it didn't go well with the rest of the performance. I think Alex could have pulled it out well, but Ttabo is all over the place.

Moon says:

Pov: vc tá aqui por causa do BLACKSWAN

PBWK says:

They still marketed themselves as BP Rania after they removed the actual Black Pearl from their group.

MuZik Mann says:

i love me some Jooyi, but this is probably my favorite Rania lineup….i wish thy could have stayed together!

색소 says:

진짜 레전드야
특히 처음 시작할 때 조명

Jobson 999 says:

Melhor performance👌

sss says:

이 명곡에 안무를 이 따위로 짜다니 ㅠ

차크사 says:

뭔가 퇴폐스러워

Jobson 999 says:

그들은 매우 훌륭하게 공연했습니다
They performed very splendidly

Melany Ramirez Colpaerth says:

Con RANIA siempre fue BOP tras BOP

Jaykay’s Dimple says:

This performance is stunning

multifandomlife is hard says:

Wuau…"melanie fontana" as the song producer again.👀

Lamia Prokrity says:

Man i only found this group because of alex and im sad She's not here anymore….but damn they're good

Mahdi Reza says:

I'm sorry but Alex is thicker and sexier than the other members even if she doesn't show off skin 🍑👀

K226 says:

This song was so good. DR Music totally wasted it though as usual…

편집 says:

노래 ㄹㅇ 개좋은데..

Josetv29 says:

When Rania haves mores song than black pink

Blinkshark77 Gaming says:

This is example of failure girl group..

moonlight says:

와 이노래가 2년이나지났다니 ㄷㄷ

E.J. Edmund says:

oof those costumes

Jesus Ramirez says:

I feel like seulgi is a better dancer in this performance, she is more smooth and graceful with her moves.

Daniel Gabriel says:

First of yall need to stop spreading fake news that she was removed cause of her color go watch her interview were she explained https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0WfgB4bnMOI

Joel Cruz says:

I just realized they are barefoot

Orrana! says:

What's happened to Alex wasn't fair

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