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Blackswan, Tonight (블랙스완, Tonight) [THE SHOW 201103]

#블랙스완, Tonight
#Blackswan, #Tonight

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Jhafer Saturno says:

I love them

아이사 says:

와 혜미 눈에 엄청띄네…

jo haseul says:

luminas are saying that blackswan's company is planning on adding a new member to the group. i don't like the idea of a new member, i think it would be better if hyeme came back.

mugisha ntaganira says:

I can see a bright future in their lives, if they stop trying to replace members just stay like this it's so amazing.😘😘😘🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌟🌟🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Lan Lan says:

Youngheun, Fatuo, Judy 💫💕

mindyn says:


Princess says:

They are so extra sexy😅😃

Sweet Caramel says:

Hyeme is so pretty😭 sadly she left due to a contract that ended

swathi bhat says:

The music is giving me 2nd gen gg vibes

Mikasa Ack says:

Que lindas, todo sucesso ao blackswan!!!

Malcolm Hunter says:

Ok, the were nervous on their debut stage. I take back the comment that I left concerning the song not matching their vocal style. They brought some attitude and confidence to this song. They made it their own:). I am proud of you ladies. Amazing persistence and dedication to improve. I almost can cry.

Kiara Linsday says:

내가 본 최고의 컴백

Jojoghtd Bh says:

Love you 00:50

Em 889 says:

The song is so terrible but I can see they’re trying

Lanny Brasil says:

Vamos chegar a 2 milhões novo album CLOSE TO_ME no canal oficial do Blackswan ja passou de 1 milhão

Humira Aayaz says:


Yuki says:

0:25 Léia eyes, is so cute your facial expression 💖

Johnny says:

Mal Posso Esperar

مجرد العيش says:

Uau n sabia da 5 membro. Bom, isso tá perfeito, galera vão no novo mv delas close to me, porq tá PERFEITO eu juro esse comeback delas deagr tá muito bom, até porq elas estão evoluindo cada vez mais, se esforçando e dando o melhor de si! Se agente conseguir dar bastante vews curtidas elas podem ser cada vez mais reconhecidas, elas merecem o total de apoio, porque ela são muito talentosas, pra caramba heheheh! Vou ver close to me porq tá Mara.

Maria Victoria says:

Vamos subir ainda mais os numeros de visu e de inscritos elas merecem

Maria Victoria says:


Ejikeme Etudo says:

나는이 안무를 정말 좋아한다.

ovoo javer and they were roommates says:

the thumbnail is a mess they covered fatous face lol grr

Nahfiz Shafiy says:

I dont think the second one to sing 0:18 is Korean

Judy Silva says:

Esse grupo é tão bom e estruturado. Todas dão tudo de si no palco e a presença de palco está impressionante. Agora, vejo a evolução delas como um grupo tão novo mas tão forte. Te amo blackswan e vamos ajudar elas👍

динара белхороева says:

gjti vnbkr erfg jbnjgr vmiahrke bnhkr

Antonia Helany says:

Fatou is so beatiful😍, i believe in Blackswan 💖💖💖

Parkleylamin sub español says:

I love this song too much

Z.I. Kwon says:

Yall are straight up rude for hide rainas face in the thumbnail

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