[BLACKSWAN] 'Close to Me' Official M/V reaction


We are so late to release this. This was recorded a few days after their comeback. Any hate and your @$$ getting blocked.

// T I M E S T A M P S
00:00 Intro
00:36 Please, why are we bragging lmao
01:11 Black Swan in BXL
03:36 Close to me reaction
06:55 GROWTH ✨
11:36 Seven Forever

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[BLACKSWAN] ‘Close to Me’ Official M/V


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Samarth M. says:

React to pixy bewitched mv

abdullah bukari says:

Please do a reaction to pixy bewitched eng ver and addicted mv

Noella Tasong says:

guyss pleeeas check out pixy's comeback

Domel Moon says:

Do they hav the same composer as itzy? Coz the chorus build up sound like wannabe..well maybe its juz me..

Megaron Xavier says:

I've been waiting for this reaction, they are so good and the song is so good.

ploypailin onsri says:

Thanks reaction!! I want to reaction mark tuan💚 pls🙏🏻

Anushri Chorey says:

They just ate everything and left nothing for us 😌🙌🏻

Blackjack says:

Fatou killed that shit

PixyCatcher World Domination says:

They really let Fatou shine, the "close close I need you close" gets stuck right in your head as well. I like it much better than the debut. Loved the footage of when you saw them and the stories about it. I second the requests for Pixy too, they are another group where you will probably be surprised by their growth, I really don't think you'll regret reacting to Addicted (and hopefully Bewitched!)

my bias Jisoo deku my heart says:


Butter flai says:

It's remind me the scandal y'all. …

WolfSomnia says:

they are so talented!

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