Cadogan Duchess says:

I like your personality, love your reaction!

M Bo says:

Im so proud to see a black kpop idol
Love from morocco ❤🇲🇦🇲🇦

Laura Kan says:

I just want them to succeed so baad 🥺✨

Fairy Lesbyaintdve says:

U had me crying laughing the whole time omfg I’m subscribing Immediately , also I LOVE the hair

Kvmmie says:

I saw someone say that in the “Tonight” mv they were doing something illegal like gambling’s don’t they got caught. In this mv they are escaping from prison because of the gambling. This is their prison era.

Marie Ange Kragba says:

Thank you for you reaction 💕💕💕

Azriellen says:

Heard this bop yesterday! The youtube algorithm tried to tell me only two people reacted to this beat. Like it is so slick. I want Blackswan to team up with Zico, because I didn't miss the Block B sign. The song altogether was a build up, but each girl was showcased. I'm surprised since this company is just trash, but hopefully these ladies can stay.

Zachari Kurbah says:

I love this song, I'm addicted to it, listen to the English Version of this song

Karina Menezes says:

There's actually an english version to this song, in case you wanna know what it's saying. You can find it on their Spotify page

Gerardo Sanchez says:

it’s giving ITZY x BRAVE GIRLS

shiao yujan says:

yassss wanna be vibes

Los blind Player says:

they’re amazing! thanks for the reaction <33

the iwatobi ice pick says:

"Imma sue them….that was good" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 girl, imma subscribe just for that cuz I'm dead!

RoLando Huértas says:

I have this song stuck in my head. Leia and Fatou really shine this comeback. I love it

Aria King says:

Plz vote for blackswan on starpass and show champion

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