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Adele – Oh My God (Official Video)

Official Video for “Oh My God” by Adele.
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I ain’t got too much time to spare
But I’ll make time for you to show how much I care
Wish that I would let you break my walls
But I’m still spinning out of control from the fall
Boy you give good love I won’t lie
It’s what keeps me coming back even though I’m terrified

I know that it’s wrong
But I want to have fun
Hmm yeah
Hmm yeah

Oh my god I can’t believe it
Out of all the people in the world
What is the likelihood of
Jumping out of my life
And into your arms
Maybe baby I’m just losing my mind
Cause this is trouble
But it feels right teetering on the edge
Of heaven and hell
Is a battle that I cannot fight

I’m a fool but they all think I’m blind
I’d rather be a fool than leave myself behind
I don’t have to explain myself to you
I am a grown woman and I do what I want to do

Lord don’t let me
I said lord don’t let me
I said lord don’t let me let me down

Directed by: Sam Brown
Video Commissioner: Phil Lee @phillee at Untold Studios @untold_studios
Executive Producer: Nkem Egbuchiri at Untold Studios @Nkem__nkem
Executive Producer: Bryan Younce at Columbia Records
Executive Producer: Polly Ruskin at Rogue Films @pollyruskin
Production Company: Rogue Films / Imperial Woodpecker
Cinematographer: Roman Vasyanov
Choreographer: Megan Lawson
Choreographer Assistant: Taylor James
Art Director: Nu California
Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi
Hair: Sami Knight
Make-up: Anthony Nguyen
Nails: Kimmie Kyees
Stylist (Dancers): Natasha Newman-Thomas
Lead Make-up & Hair (Dancers): Jenni Clark
Editor: Sam Ostrove at Cabin Edit @cabinedit
Post: ETC @electrictheatrecollective

#Adele #OhMyGod #30


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Maggie R. Williams says:

best trasted earning vide


Democrats are their own breed of evil and stupid



lulu procopio says:

Me encanta 💖

Anna Wintour says:

Most Beautiful Music Video in The World .

Ray Dat1 says:

Adele sets the bar with every new song she releases 🤍

Itz Rom says:

Yeah , the queen is back ♥️

Ip pp says:

You’re the light.

Matthew Phillips says:

Sad.. Deceived and deceiving.

SOKOLOVirk says:


Bubotu Lubasi says:

Love this song. Best song of the year


👌🏻 perfect

Darya ma_cherie says:

я вижу русскую фамилию в команде клипа и радуюсь)

Ttn 8883 says:

Well I agree her voice is amazing, but this song is trash. No shade intended.

Sina Bagheri says:

Director: How much time do you want us to spend planning every frame of the video?
Adele: Yes!

khou loud says:

oh my god❤

rif aaster says:

Another Masterpiece

K M says:

Remember the George Michael video "AS", where there was about 500 images of him and Mary j Blige? …. Yep, been done before.

Huzaifah mhuzaifah says:

She just can’t do a bad song

Hollywood Stan says:

Love this song! Beat is on point, she is so talented.

Marina and The Devil says:


ꁴꁴǴéⱤ𝚊ⱠDꁴꁴ says:

She's back 😎

BootCamp says:

Адель, ты самая лучшая. Боже какая же ты потрясающая певица, я так долго ждал твоего камбека. Ты чудесно поешь. Продолжай и не останавливайся, готов слушать тебя бесконечно. Я люблю твой голос 🗳

TPMs New England World says:

Oh of adele. The virtual topic of the emotion talk brought me here.

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