[4K] JUNGKOOK GMA Summer Concert Series [Full Live Soundcheck/Concert Performance Fancam 230714]

방탄소년단 정국 BTS Jungkook Full Concert (Only Soundcheck) at Good Morning America Summer Concert Series Fancam 230714 [Euphoria + Seven + Dynamite]
(General Pass View)
Due to NYC regulations, the thunder watch made it impossible for GMA to legally continue the show. The soundcheck performances were aired and he did an extra interview in the main studio after soundcheck instead of the concert. As soon as Jungkook got offstage it started pouring and thundering.
Jungkook saying Hi – 00:00
Jungkook peeking from the wings – 02:28
Preparing for Euphoria – 02:44
Euphoria (1st time) – 05:28
Preparing for Euphoria – 09:19
Euphoria (2nd time) – 10:22
Preparing for Seven – 13:47
Seven – 15:35
Preparing for Dynamite – 18:40
Dynamite – 20:24
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